Credit Report Customer Service Live Person

Have you tried getting your free annual credit report from one of the credit agencies and have run into issues talking to a live customer service person? The three credit bureau agencies are Experian, Equifax and Transunion. It is important to get all three free reports because although most companies that report data report to all three bureaus, some do not. Therefore you may find things on one credit report from one agency that does not appear on the other one. We know that Equifax covers the east coast, Trans Union covers the midwest and Experian covers the west coast.

If you would like to reach customer service and speak to a live person, visit this website for more information on how to contact the three agencies and the workarounds that you need to know about to be able to talk to a human quickly. ¬†For example, when you try to reach the Equifax Customer Service, their website does not give you any number to call. So you have to dig to find their phone number, by logging in. Getting a free credit report mandated by the government should not be this difficult, but it is. That’s why we are providing information on how to reach live customer service.

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