3 Questions about Direct Express Prepaid Card

September 5th, 2014

With the prepaid cards market exploding, it’s easy to forget that one of the larges issuers of prepaid debit cards is the United States Government. Through various programs like unemployment benefits, food stamps and social security benefits. One of the most prominent debit cards issued by the government is the social security benefits direct express prepaid. It is currently used by millions of people on social security to make payments, shop online and get cash at the teller. Here are 3 questions people ask about this debit card.

Most Asked Questions about Direct Express Prepaid Card

1. Fees

The first question most often asked about this card is regarding fees. How much are the fees to the direct express card? This question is justified because prepaid cards are generally known to carry a lot of fees. There are many free transactions with this card, including the following:

"direct express card fees"

Purchases you make at United States based merchants are free. If you buy something at the grocery store or pharmacy and get cash back, you will not be charged anything. Unlike some prepaids out there, you will not be charged any fee for calling customer service. Things like getting balance notifications or website access to your account or getting a notification when money has been deposited on your account are all free. Also, if you lose your card, you get one free replacement card each year. When you go to the ATM to check your card balance, it is also without a charge. So as you can see, the basic services you need to manage your account come with no charge. You can see from the image above that the charges and fees are very reasonable and are only being collected on services that you would expect a fee to be collected. Therefore social security debit card fees should not scare you from getting one because compared to the other prepaids out there, this is a winner.

2. ATM Network

"Direct Express AMT"

There is an extensive ATM network that supports this prepaid debit card. This includes the networks listed in the image above, like Money Pass, MasterCard ATM Alliance, PNC Bank, Alliance One, Comerica Banks own ATM network, Charter Ones’s ATms and Privileged Status network. All you have to do is find one of these signs on the ATM and you are good to go. There are charges you have to pay if you go outside this network of free ATMs so be sure to check and make sure the one you are using is among the free ones.

3. Direct Express Customer Service and Complaints

One of the reasons most seniors get suspicious of this card versus using a traditional bank account is the issue of customer service. Direct Express Customer Service and Support is actually one of the best among the prepaid cards issued by the federal government. And we think that is a very wise approach because unlike the unemployment, food stamps, child support and other government prepaid programs, any debit program aimed at seniors must have excellent support that is staffed by people that are patient and want to help. Especially if it also requires that seniors go online to use services like bill pay, online shopping, checking balances on direct express card and many more services that can be performed online. If seniors log in and are not able to navigate the platform, they are going to be calling customer support services and need immediate help, otherwise there will be panic, and justifiably so since seniors are used to expect people to try to take advantage of them. So, as you can see, the social security debit card questions that are most frequently asked have been adequately addressed in this post.


Eppicard Debit Card Review

August 19th, 2014

The prepaid credit card industry has exploded over the last 10 years, with what was once a fringe niche in the financial sector now taking center state as banks struggle with burdensome regulations and are trying to find new ways to earn extra fees that were once gotten from regular checking and savings accounts. Nowadays, banks like Chase, Citibank, American Express, Wells Fargo and Bank of America have all gotten in on the prepaid card action, issuing cards of various denomination and for various uses.

Eppicard Debit Card Review

The eppicard has been around for quite a while and it’s used in many states to make payment for child support. So, if you are scheduled to receive child support payments, you will get a prepaid debit card from your state, if they participate in the eppicard program. This debit card is where your child support payments are going to be deposited on the due date. If you have any questions about your payment or money deposited on card, call the child support debit card customer service number on the back of your card. You can also login online to check your balance.

Another use for the card is paying eligible recipients their unemployment benefits. Gone are the days when you have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail before you can have access to your unemployment funds. Through the eppicard program, about 23 states now issue benefits electronically, whereby the deposit the money on the card. There are obviously several benefits to doing this.

"eppicard unemployment card"

First, because the payment is made electronically, the risk of the check getting lost in the mail, delayed or stolen is eliminated because the money is put in the recipients account on the due date. This eliminates frustrations of people who have to sit and wait for their benefits. Another benefit we would like to talk about in this Eppicard Debit Card Review  is the issue of money the government saves by implementing this electronic payments of benefits. Instead of mailing millions of checks through the post office, the government and states are able to save a substantial amount in postage, mail processing and management.

Electronic payments allow problems with payments to be discovered faster and addressed quickly. For example, if your unemployment or child support prepaid debit card did not arrive in your account on the due date, you can call them immediately to let them know. So, if there is theft of your money through phishing or any online fraud, they will be able to see it quickly, trace it and get your money back. Or at least the chance of getting you the money back is increased. However with checks that are mailed the USPS can drag their feed in following up on missing or stolen checks, thereby increasing the possibility that a thief may successfully take your check and cash it. Which means that everyone loses in the end.

We think the eppicard program is a step in the right direction and hope that it will be expanded into the other states that are not currently part of this great program that is saving both the government and the recipients a lot of frustration.

Delta Airlines Skymiles Gold Card Review

August 17th, 2014

Delta Airlines Skymiles Gold Card

The Delta Airlines Skymiles Gold Card reward its loyal customers with numerous benefits that are very similar to the United Mileage Credit Card. Delta takes pride in having one of the oldest and well established airline loyalty cards on the market.

It is free to sign up for the card and there is no fee for the first year. After the initial year there is a $95 annual fee. The benefits that you receive from your Delta Airlines Skymiles Gold Card may make that $95 fee worth while.

For a limited time Delta is offering a 50,000 mile bonus when you spend $1,000 in the first 3 month you are signed up. Not only do you get extra miles, but you get a $50 credit on your account after your first purchase in the first 3 months.

Your first checked bag for each flight is free on Delta airlines. This also applies for up to 9 people on your reservation, to save around $50 on a round trip flight! Take two trips and you have already saved yourself more than what you are spending in annual fees.

Priority boarding. As a Delta Airlines Skymiles Gold member you will be invited to board the plane before other Delta guests.

20% off in flight purchases. Whenever you use your Delta Gold Card to make purchases on food/ drinks, movies, games, etc. you will only pay 80% of original prices.

Delta Sky Club Benefits. Be treated like a VIP at the Delta Sky Club for you and up to 2 guests. Complimentary snacks, beverages, Wi-Fi, magazines/newspapers, flight assistance and more.

No foreign Transaction Fees. Don’t worry about exchange rates and converting cash when you travel overseas. The Delta Skymiles Gold Card does not charge any transaction fee while shopping abroad.

How to get Miles

To receive miles just use your Delta Skymiles Gold Card for everyday purchases and receive one mile for every $1 spent. Pay your bills, go out to eat, and buy gas with your card to start accumulating points.

When you start planning your business trip or vacation getaway you will receive two miles for every $1 spent on Delta purchases. All in flight purchases, Delta vacation packages, and Delta flights will all accumulate double miles.

Other Benefits Delta Gold Offers

Delta Airlines Skymiles Gold Card

 Get more than just flights with Skymiles.

Delta offer a variety of unique and exclusive packages available for action that are purchased using Skymiles. You will find Auction packages such as; Meet Antonio Gates, Three nights at exclusive resorts, and more to bid on.

Delta Airlines Skymiles Gold Card


The Delta Gold Card offers additional benefits to make life more convenient for you.

Roadside Assistance- If you find yourself stuck on the side of the road, use your American Express Delta Card to pay for your town and your pick up will be coordinated and executed without you having to deal with the hassle.

Global Assistance- Another phone line available to those with the Delta Gold Card. If you find yourself lost, sick, or in trouble over seas, there is a team ready to help you out of the situation.